Season 2: Inner City Migrants

KAIZEN's second season collection is an exploration of contemporary experiences in city environments, where cultures meet, clash, and from new ways of thinking and being. The designs are inspired by a passion to understand how modernity and traditional culture can co-exist. The roots of KAIZEN's lie in cross-cultural inspiration. Our goal is positive change through mutual understanding. With this in mind, season 2 highlights differences through linguistic concepts and pays homage to those who experience the struggles for mutual understanding through their necessity to migrate and alter their Identity. Although we are concerned with building a positive future through embracing change, we don't ignore heritage and history. Tradition and origin is our inspiration for tomorrow.

As ever, KAIZEN AMSTERDAM’s core focus is to fuse Western and Eastern styles and approaches. Inspired by a love of streetwear culture, KAIZEN explores the role of a uniform as a mode of self-expression. For Season 2, KAIZEN presents a collection of light pieces that allow them to be combined with one’s own garments; encouraging the wearer to develop their own uniform of expression. The range is produced with high quality fabrics, which are paired with 3M reflective paint, prints and details for extra visibility in darker days.